Tips on how to achieve your dream wedding on a budget.

Congratulations! Your engaged, and suddenly you have the urge to spend every penny on planning the most amazing day for you and your guest but there is one problem your on a budget, well with this blog I would like to limit your costs but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your taste. So listen closely as you can save the cash and still fulfill your every wish to achieve your dreamy day. I’m reluctant to say ‘average’ as there is no such thing as an average wedding but typically in Ireland the wedding with all the works usually averages at 20,000 but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lavish day with smart money choices involved.


The first step I would recommend is to stay close to your location .That may mean choosing a smaller venue closer to your guests or even having an outdoor reception, while you could always trim the guest list and cut down on numbers or you could think logically and have all your close friends and family their with you to make the day as special as possible, so why not plan a outdoor event whether it be a backyard experience or even a function room once your favorite people are there with you and there is Good chat, laughter and entertainment it will be a memorable experience for all. Usually 50% of your wedding budget goes on the venue so if you having it closer and more accessible to all, your guaranteed to save money and be able to add it to another part of the day. In Ireland we are blessed with many Spots to accommodate this such as fields, forests etc and these locations always create the most beautiful photos and experiences. Whether that be the green field is of Sligo or the rocky hills of Wicklow.

Shop local

The next step to save cash and add to your day would be to shop around and get inspired. Weddings usually being planned a year or two in advance this is the perfect time to attend bridal open day’s. By having time to weigh up your options that are suited to your style you can compare prices and really get to save that coin but still having everything you ever wished for. Why not contact the local café or restaurant and ask for them to provide the food or ask the local florist for cheap but gorgeous bouquets? With being on a budget it doesn’t have the be boring or plain  you just need to be smart and be willing to shop around and it will definitely add to your dream day and take away form your budget.

Wedding dress

For every bride the wedding dress is the main thing there focused on, and rightfully so as it’s your one day to go all out and feel like a princess. With the average dress costing 1,400. Yes this is a huge price for something you will more than likely wear once. I have a much better idea for you why not see if anyone in your family or friends could have a dress you could make  slight modifications to, to make your own unique beautiful gown.. By spending 200 making adjusting it makes so much more sense that paying 1,400 but if this isn’t a option. Why not buy a used dress of great condition and just like that you can cut the cost in half by being sustainable and by shopping around.

Photographer 🙂

The one thing I would recommend spending your money on for your dream day would be your photographer. I promise I’m not biased, like many venues photographers can be booked up to a year in advance also as it is a huge part of your day and creates vivid memories and photos to last a lifetime, so you better act quick with this one. Why not hope on Instagram or Pinterest and see if you can find your perfect photographer  to capture the moments from your day. After all the photographs will be the way you relive that day as a couple so if you have a beautiful images and videos to look back on you will always have a beautiful  memory of your day.

Every wedding is meant to be unique and beautiful in its own way. Whether you spending a huge amount or small amount once your jointed together in unity with your close friends and family your day will always be a success.